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Container Tracking & Security

November 19, 2016 1Air CargoCourierOcean CargoTrucking

The only system of its kind, Triton will watch over your goods whether at sea or on land. While transmitting information and notifying you to events, Triton’s function is to optimize the distribution of containers world-wide.

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    November 19, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Tracking: –
    Ascent Security Solutions provides a suite of solution that includes Container Tracking, Cargo Tracking, GPS Tracking, Track Trace, security, fleet management using RFID, GPS, GPRS and Satcom technologies, and state of the art communication with the devices in the field.

    It can track and secure inventory, cargo, in-transit visibility of freight, provides continuous location monitoring, security and sensor based tracking of in-transit cargoes and assets.

    It is the perfect solution for Customs and revenue authorities, cargo, shipping, supply chain, freight forwarder, shipment, vessel tracking, cargo tracking, container tracking, vehicle tracking, gps tracking, inland domestic tracking of inventory, control of assets, fleet management, security systems for securing cargo assets, international shipping, as the tracking devices used are able to provide track & trace of the shipment for owners of valuable freight and hazardous material.

    It is a product where there is no blind spot. It is able to track any moving vehicle, ability to track where it is, its security status and even sense changes in its internal environmental conditions of light, humidity, temperature and shock. It provides the users to have an unimpeded view of the entire supply chain. It is an integrated RFID, GPS, GPRS and Satcom tracking platforms.

    Security : –
    A Security solution for cargo owners, shipping lines, container tracking, supply chain, Logistics Partners like 3PL, 4PL, freight forwarder, couriers to know the status of their inventory, cargo, assets, with security and tracking status provided to know the conditions of the container, cargo, asset or inventory. It also acts as a form of vessel tracking, as international shipping is global.

    Ascent Solutions is a global provider of multi-modal supply chain security solutions that helps its customers — both commercial enterprises and government authorities — meet the pressing challenges of distribution and e-fulfilment through its comprehensive, end-to-end electronic cargo security tracking capabilities.

    Get full visibility of your cargo, asset, freight, inventory, with Ascent Solution for a safe and secure Container Tracking, Cargo Tracking, Track Trace.

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